Vapsco Credit Union, Inc. is established as a state chartered credit union. The Credit Union's first office is opened in Alexandria, VA.


Regulation W is enacted by Congress as a war measure to limit consumer credit. Nationally, credit unions stagnate until it is repealed in 1952, but VAPSCO Credit Union weathers the change.


Credit Union expands field of membership to serve all Vepco employees and changes its name to Vepco Credit Union. The bank accounts are moved to Richmond and the records maintained from the Company's Payroll department.


Shown here are the officers of Vepco Credit Union in 1951. Image taken from an edition of Vepco's publication "The Vepcovian."


From the 1960s until her retirement in 1981, Mary Broaddus ran the Credit Union by herself from a box of files carried on a rolling cart. Long-time members recall that Mary simply “was the Credit Union.”


Credit Union reaches $1 million in assets.


The Credit Union expands its service to members by offering home equity loans and a Christmas club.


Field of membership expanded to include family members, once a member always a member adopted, retirees allowed to remain members, VISA® cards offered.


The Credit Union maintains cash for the first time, adds share draft checking, expands hours, and move to the lobby of Richmond's OJRP building.


The addition of Private Teller audio response system gives members 24 hour access to their accounts.


Dominion Credit Union celebrates its 50th anniversary.


Share certificates of deposit are added, helping members earn more for their money.


First branch office opens in the Innsbrook Technical Center.


Credit Union name is changed to Virginia Power/North Carolina Power Credit Union as it hit $50 million in assets mark.


Credit Union branch operations move to East side of OJRP lobby into space vacated by bank, and adds safe deposit boxes and loan by phone.


ATM/Debit cards are introduced, giving members instant, 24 hour access to their cash.


Service is greatly enhanced with addition of a website, Credit Union Service Centers, and ATMs at North Anna and Surry power stations. Grayland branch is also added.


ATMs are added at Norfolk and Tredegar Riverside buildings, and online banking is introduced.


Youth scholarship program is created. Credit Union hits 15,000 members mark and changes name to Dominion Credit Union to better reflect the entire field of membership.


A branch is opened in the Tredegar Riverside building.


Akron EOG Employees FCU merged into Dominion CU, giving Ohio employees access to a wider variety of financial services.


The Credit Union adds 1st mortgage loans in Virginia to its menu of services.


Canton EOG Employees FCU merged into Dominion CU, giving Ohio employees an expanded menu of services.


The Credit Union expands its 1st mortgage lending to secondary homes in Virginia and North Carolina, and adds an online mortgage application.


OJRP branch is renovated and an ATM is added.


Additional ATMs are added to Dominion locations and now reach 55% of Dominion employees at work.


Mobile deposit is added in April 2015, providing members with a way to deposit checks anytime, anywhere.

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